Here are some mouth wateringly tasty recipes I have found along the way.

These will be mostly Low-GL based, as I believe this is a more natural and far healthier manner to not only eat but to enjoy food.

With obesity on the increase, and numerous diets all proving a short term torture, a Low GL diet is balanced, nutritious, practical and above all totally enjoyable.

Food is becoming less enjoyable because it is causing so many people health problems. It is also becoming confusing to know what to eat through all the media and reports on what and what not to eat.

Don’t let food become a thorn to you. If it is health, weight management, and all good natural food that can be trusted then I would recommend Patrick Holfords teaching and books, many of his dietary books can be picked up relatively cheaply at Amazon

So enjoy what you find here, and do give them at least one go.

If there are any products you can’t find have a look here  or Holland & Barrett


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